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53uwx10ba main lamps flashing off and on

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I have a Hitachi 53UWX10BA which I got used. The previous owner said "when we turn it on, sometimes there is no picture but other times there is a picture. When it comes on, it looks great."

I took it home and see two problems.

1. The convergence needs to be adjusted. I assume it could be out of adjustment from moving it.

2. (Main problem) The picture tubes are flashing off and back on, all 3 at the same time. It happens sporadically with no rhythm to it and it is constantly flashing/blinking. If I try to use the setup menu, the flashing makes the menu disappear before I can select any menu options.

I have unplugged and replugged almost every connector in the whole tv to make sure its all connected properly and there is one that makes it stop flashing for a little while. From the front of the tv on the bottom left there is a silver box with a tiny button in front of it. Next to that silver box is a connector that comes from a hole in the wooden wall on the left. Looks like it goes behind the speaker but its not the speaker wire. If i wiggle this connector or press on it, the tv will stop flashing for a few minutes but starts flashing again at random.

When I do get it to stop blinking, the menu works fine, but pressing the Magic Focus button on the set does not bring up the adjusting screen.

I did not get a remote control with the tv so I assume I will have trouble adjusting the convergence even if I can fix the blinking problem.

Any ideas?
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Yesterday I turned it on cold and it had a great picture for about 10 minutes. No convergence problem. Then started flickering off and on.

Today I turned it on cold and the screen was flickering like a strobe and the went black. Then it would flicker on and off momentarily at random. (its always all 3 colors at the same time)

I looked at the convergence board and someone has already replaced both chips with Sanyo STK392-160 chips and they also replaced the resistors. I can tell because the solders look a little different than all the rest. I examined the entire convergence board with a magnifying glass and all the solders look fine and have no solder bridges.

Does anyone have a SUGGESTION FOR WHERE TO EVEN START LOOKING? What part turns these lamps on and off? Could it have anything to do with the convergence board/chips? I would replace them but I don't know if it could be something else completely unrelated to convergence system.
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