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57F500A MagicFocus?

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Hello all again, its been awhile since I have posted and need a little help. As the title says My current model I am working on is a Hitachi 57F500A, as I sometimes like to call the brand. Anyway I was given the set in its current condition and from what I was told by the previous owners the set was on all of the time. But one day they come home and it looked funny but wasn't a big deal at that point. Long story short it got worse and now its mine.

On to the point. At first I did the usual tried the MagicFocus feature and it would start with red, no problem, then green. at this point about half of the green was normal but the other half was skewed. The set never even touched on blue.
So now I try focusing manually, for one i never recommend doing for an extended amount of time because of 1 it takes forever and 2 you will see lines for about three days.

Anyway while I was doing this the bottom half of green looked somewhat straight but the upper half was either doubled or faint.
Red and Blue didn't give me any problems at all.

So if you can help please do, if not then I plan to do some target practice with the tubes.
I have attached some pictures to help diagnose my problem.
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Can you correct it manually? If not, you may have a bad output IC.
No I can not correct it manually.
Please read the first ten posts of the convergence repair sticky in the DIY Repair forum VERY carefully.

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