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57H81 component & composite problems. Convergence Issue?

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Hello, I was recently given a 57H81 from a buddy's in-laws. They had given it to me because the speakers had stopped working and rather than repairing it just replacing it, and knew of nothing else wrong with it. I used the audio out to connect it to some cheap speakers I had picked up at Best Buy and the audio now works great, but I've noticed that when using the component connections I am only able to use the set in 480p and it will not display any video at any higher resolutions. This is happening on both colorstream channels and also does not display from either of the composite inputs either.
I have tried playing with all of the HD settings that I'm familiar with and nothing is working. I'm only trying to use the set to play my 360 and PS3 and neither are displaying anything higher than 480p (and the PS3 isn't displaying anything at all. Both are working great on my 24" LCD. Could this be a convergence issue, or am I just really that arrogant to TV settings? Lol.
Any help is much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Edit: And also I've tried replacing the cables on both consoles thinking there might have been some damage to them.
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Sorry, missed the post or I wouild have responded earlier. If you are not getting HD display it is likely a hyper module problem. These sets had lots of issues with these boards which do the scan conversions and digital processing. No image is not a convergence problem. The three colors not lining up with the same geometry or position would be convergence.

Most of the hyper module problems start with bad capacitors, probably a couple of dozen surface mount electrolytics. The 10uF, 47uF, and 100uF caps are the most likely to be bad, but the symptoms are usually not just limited to HD. You might have something else going on.
Thanks for the response. Not sure I mentioned, but it's not just HD through the component, but SD in the composite RCA cables as well. I haven't tried coax or svideo yet as I don't really have any devices that use them.
If it is the hyper module, is that something I would have the ability to fix myself? I do computer repair as my line of work, so I'm fairly tech savvy. Or is this something that I would be best off having a repair person take care of, and if so what type of cost should I expect?
The hyper module repair, if it is caps, requires great patience and attention to detail. Lots of people create other problems when doing them. The traces are fragile and the work is tight. As a servicer, I would not do it for less than several hundred dollars. It is also common to create convergence problems by moving the boards around, due to cracking marginal solder joints. There are usually dozens of potential failure points in the soldering on those boards.
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