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Back to the Future had what many of us remember as a inspiration to current projects.
Check out the 6 foot driver that lives in a 8'x8'x2' (128 cubic feet!) cabinet/box consists of 2" x 4" studs covered with chip board with a single 4" port. powered by a a 20kW PWM voltage sourced inverter (intended for motor drives and microgrids) which was powered by a 400V DC power supply. At low frequencies (~10 Hz) peak coil currents were 100A. We connected the amplifier to a number of audio sources including iPods, bass guitars, and Matlab audio scripts. The mechanical sweet spot of operation was 5Hz to 50Hz,

Follow the link for videos and build details.
Six foot speaker shakes buildings to their foundation

Also see be sure to read the Hackaday posts below for other amazing projects.

I wana see one of the forum members run a 6' driver sub. :hsd:
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