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7.1 discrete or 5.1.2 atmos

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My old receiver just died. I just noticed The replacement I just ordered won't drive all my speakers.

My current setup is 7.1 + pro logic iiz height speakers.

The new receiver will only support 7.1 or 5.1.2 Atmos.

Is Atmos worth moving and rewiring my rear speakers?

Unfortunately, a jump to a 9.1 receiver quadruples the price :(
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It really depends on how you like it. Can you listen to an Atmos demo in a local Hi-Fi shop? That will be the best way to decide if you like it. I'm going 7.1.4 & hoping I can live without a second sub. But...My name is Tonto...& I am an audioholic! :smile:
According to the fine folks at THX, their initial tests of multiple set-ups indicated that 7.1 was preferable to 5.1.2... If I recall correctly, they said that the absence of rear surround channels in an Atmos set-up left a noticeable hole in presentation.

I'd definitely experiment before making any permanent changes.

I haven't taken the time to experiment with presentation across different configurations... Perhaps that would make for an informative write-up.
I do not have Atmos, but would agree that the 7.1 bed is key to immersive audio. The Atmos mixes sound credible in my 9.1 setup using PLIIz. Granted, my surrounds and back channels are 6' off the floor which helps the illusion.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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