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Video Experts Along with the Attending Audience Will Evaluate the Newest Flagship HD Panels
To Answer The Question: Which Manufacturer Makes the Best Flat Panel HDTV?

Day One, Saturday, May 19, 2012 5:00 PM
Day Two, Sunday, May 20, 2012 1:00 PM

Value Electronics 108 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Direct 914-723-3344 or 800-789-5050

To attend in person email Robert Zohn:
[email protected]ectronics.com and put in the subject line, Flat Panel Shootout Request

Displays in the evaluation:
Plasma models, Panasonic TC-P65VT50, Samsung PN64E8000, LG 60PM9700 LCD/LED models, Panasonic TC-L55WT50, Samsung UN60ES8000, Elite PRO-60X5FD, LG 60LM9600, and possibly Toshiba's new Cinema 55L7200 and Sony's XBR-65HX929.

Plus one or possibly even two surprise displays!

Seating will be limited and is exclusively available by email request. This is a private event for a/v enthusiast, the press and select invited industry experts and executives. Send your email request now if you are interested in learning about video technology and seeing first hand the world's best displays on one Shootout wall with our panel of distinguished experts doing the live review evaluation! The Flat Panel Shootout will also be available Online on both days. (Saturday & Sunday). The web address and logon info will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

The Flat Panel Shootout will present this years newest displays from the leading manufacturers. The event will be a completely unbiased assessment of all the panels represented. The displays will be connected to a dedicated 20 amp circuit and a Richard Gray power conditioner. The HDMI cables are all 16' Key Digital Black Bull so all will be on a equal playing field.

Factory reps from Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sharp's Elite group (and if Toshiba and Sony are included their reps will present their respective products) will present their panels, and make a presentation explaining their features and latest developments. Plus we have some Industry VIPs and some of the most highly respected video development engineers will be attending and presenting on the future of flat panel display technologies.

The Online live feed will be broadcast in HD and will allow viewers to submit questions which will be moderated by our staff a/v techs and select questions will be read out loud for our panel of experts to answer in realtime.

Check back often to this thread for updates.

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I knew I waited to buy for some good reason. :scratch:

Does this manufacturers line-up mean Vizio is not in contention and/or not bothering to compete. I know bottom dollar Wall-mart brand but it was a Sam's Club great buy a few years back. I've been very happy..., hopefully not in my ignorance, though I understand almost anything is as good as Vizio.

I look forward to the testing. Thanks!!!
Ya know my 10yr+ 32" Vizio displays 1080p all day long and except for times I have not used "Screen Saver" I have a great picture. My Dad had a Sales and Service for almost 30yrs he sold and serviced a lot of RCA TV's. I remember the Tv's used to get the degousing hoop to help break in the screen and bring out better color. No need today and especially when OLED finally hits the big screen (I don't know what the hold up is except money for old technology (they want 100 trillion in profit and have only made 10trillion), maybe you and I can talk about this sometime.).

In any case I adjusted the color to my specific needs and the fact I am at the end of the DSL line and since I have not touched the: color, contrast, tint, sharpness. I have done nothing except when I improved the power cord to a Furutech I had to turn the Color down to three or four (don't remember)

If you know the answer already you can tell me the Vizio with 1080p capability is only a shadow of what is available from Samsung or Panasonic or Runco..., I can take it. But I'll tell you I've walked thru Sears and Wal-Mart and Sam's Club I don't see a better picture. I see where some programs help improve video playback but it still looks as good thru a Vizio.

Will Vizio make it into the shoot out.......
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WOW..., I didn't know my little Vizio had so many jagged lines and problems with reflections. I guess I have overlooked many picture anomalies for the sake of story line or whatever. That was a beautiful video and I'll bet it was not meant to be seen like I just saw it.

I have to go to YouTube to watch this, I cannot have as many problems as I just saw........

I hate to burst anybodies bubble, but I'll bet it has happened before in America.

I listened to an MPBN broadcast (Maine Public Broadcasting Network) of a meeting @ the "Press Club"
with the "Press Club" and various notable dignitaries from Dept of Commerce, various manufacturers of electronic equipment e.g. Tele's, Rep's from Univ Think Tanks I do not remember from where. If I could remember who all was there it would not make a difference this was 8yrs ago (approx).

During the Q/A period a Scientist, Physicist, Chemist..., Inventor of OLED, a Woman had much to say:
She stated she has been trying to get her product into the market but she cannot even enter contests because as claimed "There is no Catagory for her product" Do not ever believe business is fair (I said that). She has been stone walled for years.

At this press club meet she made several claims about OLED Television: Extremely easy, inexpensive to produce. All of the equipment necessary is readily available no extraordinary equipment is necessary to produce OLED TV. OLED Tv is much less expensive than LCD Tv to manufacture. It uses much less electricity, produces very, very little heat can be very thin. The technology is stable and consistent reproduction is not difficult. Color reproduction is infinitely variable and extremely accurate and controllable when compared to conventional tech. There were no poisonous substances required to manufacture the size of the OLED element is small compared to conventional LCD. I forget everything she claimed for the OLED technology but I am amazed I still see no mention of this woman anywhere and in fact only now years later are we seeing large OLED Tv for $8K to $10K??? Gee, what do think might have happened. No..., it couldn't happen in America??? I suggested all of my friends wait for OLED. Man was I the fool.

I'll admit it has been a few years since her "Press Club meeting (6-8yrs) but what happened?
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I don't know all of the details, but OLED was first discovered in the 50"s but its use was not developed until much later. Like any technology its use develops in time as well new tech is introduced. Toshiba has developed a wallpaper using OLED, knowing Toshiba there is a Tele in there somewhere.

The inventor I listened to spoke about a television and I suppose it was a first use in television of OLED. I was on heavy doses of Chemo at the time but I was not hallucinating, it may have been prior to 2003 I remember sitting in the VA parking lot waiting to see the Dr., it could have been 2001-02 I did not think it was that long ago.

Thank you Robert for your Hx, adding to my limited knowledge of OLED. I think I am going to look further into this. It all sounded like bad business and I thought others would know more of this especially since all this time has passed.
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I am simply going to state the obvious. Obvious to most anyway. The first thing to go in eyesight after age 30 is contrast and black level. To me i can see where some over 30's would love the Elite whereas everybody else will love the VT50. Panasonic is making a great Tv but I am sixty so I believe I will buy the Elite especially after this shootout and after listening to all of you. Ken, join the average group, anybody can be a videophile they just have to want to tell people they are. I will not placate and imaginary premise most refer to in sarcasm while others lay claim to a self proclaimed mystique to justify outrageous behavior. I guess I'm simply saying lets just all act our age. It is OK to get older except when you invest in remaining young.
Yes 26 with eyesight of 12 - 15..., I am sorry but you will experience night-blindness soon if not now. This is difficulty seeing in the dusky hours and at night but you will notice difficulty focusing earlier in the evening and as time goes on. Others will notice our difficulty before we finally admit to ourselves that we are getting older. Its OK though there is always a way. I am happy to know about Pioneer and Sharp's Elite. But I still want to see a 55" OLED so I am waiting for the Fall Shoot out. You all do a great job of bringing it for all to see for themselves, all in our own way.

I am glad to have objective testing done it has its place but like some have said the bottom line for me (every pun intended) is how "I" see the bottom line.
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