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Video Experts Along with the Attending Audience Will Evaluate the Newest Flagship HD Panels
To Answer The Question: Which Manufacturer Makes the Best Flat Panel HDTV?

Day One, Saturday, May 19, 2012 5:00 PM
Day Two, Sunday, May 20, 2012 1:00 PM

Value Electronics 108 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Direct 914-723-3344 or 800-789-5050

To attend in person email Robert Zohn:
[email protected] and put in the subject line, Flat Panel Shootout Request

Displays in the evaluation:
Plasma models, Panasonic TC-P65VT50, Samsung PN64E8000, LG 60PM9700 LCD/LED models, Panasonic TC-L55WT50, Samsung UN60ES8000, Elite PRO-60X5FD, LG 60LM9600, and possibly Toshiba's new Cinema 55L7200 and Sony's XBR-65HX929.

Plus one or possibly even two surprise displays!

Seating will be limited and is exclusively available by email request. This is a private event for a/v enthusiast, the press and select invited industry experts and executives. Send your email request now if you are interested in learning about video technology and seeing first hand the world's best displays on one Shootout wall with our panel of distinguished experts doing the live review evaluation! The Flat Panel Shootout will also be available Online on both days. (Saturday & Sunday). The web address and logon info will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

The Flat Panel Shootout will present this years newest displays from the leading manufacturers. The event will be a completely unbiased assessment of all the panels represented. The displays will be connected to a dedicated 20 amp circuit and a Richard Gray power conditioner. The HDMI cables are all 16' Key Digital Black Bull so all will be on a equal playing field.

Factory reps from Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sharp's Elite group (and if Toshiba and Sony are included their reps will present their respective products) will present their panels, and make a presentation explaining their features and latest developments. Plus we have some Industry VIPs and some of the most highly respected video development engineers will be attending and presenting on the future of flat panel display technologies.

The Online live feed will be broadcast in HD and will allow viewers to submit questions which will be moderated by our staff a/v techs and select questions will be read out loud for our panel of experts to answer in realtime.

Check back often to this thread for updates.

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Hmmm, maybe this will inspire Sharp to have the current Elite hiccups taken care of by then :D.
This thread has gone totally off-tropic :sarcastic: ...
Can you take us through your evaluation method?

Also can you ask each of the reps to clearly explain what exactly their branded features do. That is clear explanations of "live color" "black correction" etc...?
You mean translate Marketese into English ...
How about an entry-level shoot out? Just kidding!
Again good luck lads.:wave:
Hmm ... are you named after a guitar?
Robert, so which are the panels in the shootout? Or is it a secret :)?
DJG, Here's the list of panels that made it into the final selection for today's Shootout evaluation event:

  1. Panasonic TC-P65VT50
  2. Samsung PN64E8000
  3. LG 60PM9700
  4. Panasonic TC-L47WT50
  5. Samsung UN60ES8000
  6. Elite PRO-60X5FD

See you soon!

Thanks Robert. So the Panasonic LCD/LED is only 47"? Not even a 55"?
All I have to say is there better be some parking nearby!
Hey, Turbe, I won't be able to help you with the 847U :).

Robert, thank you and your family so much for a great event. It was lively yet cordial. And it was great to meet Kevin, D-Nice, and all the other hard-working presenters and support people, and Dr. Plasma himself!

It was great to see the varous strengths and weaknesses of the TVs, and I do hope you add the shadow detail and viewing angle as categories next time. For me shadow detail is key, and one of the main reasons together with the blacks why the Elite is still my choice after weighing in its weaker color accuracy and even the occasional pulsing thing.

In the end we find each of us is a universe of its own with different preferences, so having different excellent choices is a great thing to have. For me the VT50 and the Eliite were a cut above the rest, with the nod to the VT50 for its excellent color fidelity and to the Elite for blacks, shadow detail and brightness.

Thanks again, Robert, no need to reply - you've done more than enough already, take the rest of the week off :).
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would like to meet him..
Well, not only does he obviously have a prime brain, he's also quite a humorous and pleasantly live character.

And let me add that even though I own an Elite (which I love) I'm delighted the VT50 won, fair and square. Maybe Sharp will stop dragging its feet now and get on with the color fix and reclaim the crown in the Fall :D.
It's OK to get some sleep, Robert! The results can wait at least that much!
hmmmm....because my impression at the shootout was just the opposite. I was sitting dead on from the both the VT50 and Sharp Elite, so it wasn't an off axis issue.

There was a point during the Panasonic presentation, where there were a bunch of graphics on the screen, and one was an outline of a car in the lower left corner of the screens, with a white X in the middle of the car. and the x was less distinct in the Sharp.

The Sharp did have very deep blacks and bright whites, but seemed to be lacking somewhat in the in-between, a little of a washed out look, and I wasn't the only one to notice.

I even asked D-Nice about the Sharp's gamma setting, because the picture looked flatter than the VT50's picture, and he stated the gamma was fine.

Again, I'm not trying to disrespect or offend the Sharp owners, I still think it's a hellofa display, and I'm in no way a brand hater or a fanboy. I own 2 Sharp LCDs, a Kuro Elite. a Panny plasma and a Samsung plasma.

I'm simply stating my personal observations.
Hey, dsskid, you must have been sitting right by me! I was a bit more towards the middle, between right and center maybe 20 degrees off the Elite and still had a good view of it. The Samsung rep didn't really appreciate my lack of appreciation of their cloud storage :D.

OOPS! Never mind - I just realized you were there Saturday, me on Sunday :).

And I have to say I thought something was a bit off with the Elite, too bright I thought, where the highlights seemed washed out at times. It could have been a gamma thing, as I've seen that when I have experimented with my Elite's calibration (I use CalMAN DIY). I did mention it briefly but didn't pursue it. But it had the best visible blacks and better shadow detail than the VT50 IMHO. Again, there are some great options available to suite your specific preferences, and that's a great thing.

Last night I did a 2.4 Gamma calibration they were recommending for dim rooms but did not like it as much - went back to 2.2 (actually more like 2.25) :).
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The Elite's motion resolution is not as good as that of the VT50 and therein lies the answer.
The Elite's basic motion handling could be better, but a couple of their enhanced settings help (not the aggressive ones for sure), but it's mostly the 1080i conversion that can really be improved.
I know I wasn't crazy. I'm glad you noticed the same thing I did. It does have excellent blacks. It just didn't have the depth, at least Saturday night.
When it's spot on it's like 3D, but it was missing the bright level resolution I'm looking at right now :).
I think you are missing the point of the shootout - as a consumer, I want to see a comparison of all sets side by side to make as educated a choice as I can based on the thing that matters most to me - how the picture looks to me. As just your ordinary run of the mill consumer, this is what I feel the shootout provides and I appreciate the amount of time and effort Robert spends to set all this up.

If I wanted to break comparisons down to specific types, I would spend more time researching beyond what Robert provides.
I fully agree. As an attendee of the shootout, I want to see how the TVs perform against each other. I'm not necessarily looking for "the best LCD", which I can still do. I'm looking for the best TVs ranked, which is the basis of the shootout. I believe that's Robert's objective. If you don't agree with this objective that's fine, but you should then look for a different event.

Maybe as a followup to the shootout we can analyze why this one was better than that one, but frankly we're not looking for excuses :).
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