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Video Experts Along with the Attending Audience Will Evaluate the Newest Flagship HD Panels
To Answer The Question: Which Manufacturer Makes the Best Flat Panel HDTV?

Day One, Saturday, May 19, 2012 5:00 PM
Day Two, Sunday, May 20, 2012 1:00 PM

Value Electronics 108 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Direct 914-723-3344 or 800-789-5050

To attend in person email Robert Zohn:
[email protected] and put in the subject line, Flat Panel Shootout Request

Displays in the evaluation:
Plasma models, Panasonic TC-P65VT50, Samsung PN64E8000, LG 60PM9700 LCD/LED models, Panasonic TC-L55WT50, Samsung UN60ES8000, Elite PRO-60X5FD, LG 60LM9600, and possibly Toshiba's new Cinema 55L7200 and Sony's XBR-65HX929.

Plus one or possibly even two surprise displays!

Seating will be limited and is exclusively available by email request. This is a private event for a/v enthusiast, the press and select invited industry experts and executives. Send your email request now if you are interested in learning about video technology and seeing first hand the world's best displays on one Shootout wall with our panel of distinguished experts doing the live review evaluation! The Flat Panel Shootout will also be available Online on both days. (Saturday & Sunday). The web address and logon info will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

The Flat Panel Shootout will present this years newest displays from the leading manufacturers. The event will be a completely unbiased assessment of all the panels represented. The displays will be connected to a dedicated 20 amp circuit and a Richard Gray power conditioner. The HDMI cables are all 16' Key Digital Black Bull so all will be on a equal playing field.

Factory reps from Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sharp's Elite group (and if Toshiba and Sony are included their reps will present their respective products) will present their panels, and make a presentation explaining their features and latest developments. Plus we have some Industry VIPs and some of the most highly respected video development engineers will be attending and presenting on the future of flat panel display technologies.

The Online live feed will be broadcast in HD and will allow viewers to submit questions which will be moderated by our staff a/v techs and select questions will be read out loud for our panel of experts to answer in realtime.

Check back often to this thread for updates.

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Thanks Robert, David and the rest of us are very excited about this years event.
Robert can you provide the link to the Live Shootout & will you be taking questions again?
Samsung is also showing its OLED in Korea a week earlier, but although I'm still working on an OLED, sadly, I must confess it's unlikely. But, don't fret, cause we'll be hosting our semi-annual Shootout with both OLED's when they launch late summer to very early fall 2012 against the three top rated displays at our May 2012's Flat Panel Shootout.

Barry, tele1962, I'll have the exact direct link next week so stand by for the url. And yes the live HD channel will be moderated by our staff.

Thanks Robert and hope you guys have a great time.:T
Hmm ... are you named after a guitar?
LOL, it's been asked before..........sorry mate nothing exciting like that.:sad:
Looks like you guys are having a great time. Loving the pics Robert, and can i say what a fantastic store you have. I hope now more than ever i can visit some time in the future.
mech, I agree, today we're limited to one mod as we needed the other a/v experts who were mods yesterday in the Shootout room.

Next time I'm recruiting professional moderators. Any chance you want the job?

I can help next time Robert.:wave:
Amen. It was very annoying, especially when some were asking legitimate questions. Also, it was a little difficult keeping up with so much useless chatter.

Good luck. :) I'm a moderator on an Internet forum and sometimes you have to make tough choices....
Me to.:nerd:
The panel of experts and audience agreed....... Panasonic's TC-P65VT50 won.

For those who can get Channel 12News you can see their coverage of the Shootout all week.

Robert is there any chance of Channel12 putting their report online, You Tube maybe. So as UK and Europe can see it?
Just been told by David that he took ill with a fever and collapsed at the airport, and was taken to hospital put on a drip but he is OK now and resuming his travels. He had been feeling ill for a few day's because of a bad reaction to an insect bite but didn't want to miss the shootout.:gulp:

I blame to much beer LOL.:innocent:
Hey Robert and everyone, any news on the next shootout?:T
Anymore news yet Robert as i am sure David and the rest of us are chomping at the bit to see you guys again LOL:wave:
Yes, and we're looking for a VIP guest from WA. Hey you could easily be that gentleman.

We're considering moving the 2013 Shootout to a large NYC conference room so we can accommodate up to 100 people and have the event one day rather than the two days we have done for the past 8 years.

Sounds great Robert.................please when you get time post some pics of the new store.:T
You get my PM Robert?:)

Reply recieved, thanks Robert.:TT
Really looking forward to the 2013 shootout, as this year is one of the most exciting in years for AV tech.
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