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8x ultimax 18"

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Hello guys i'm new here i want to say that i'm sorry because of my bad grammar if there's any ( im not from the us uk or australia ) i'm looking to build a 8x ultimax 18" setup, i dont really know which boxes to get so i'm looking for advice, they are mainly going to be used for home theatre, rap and edm music so in the 19-60hz range. I found some boxes on parts express but they are 4ft sealed are they any good for what i want to use them for? Also space is really not a problem i have a huge room, also any power amp recommendations? I was thinking about just getting one crown xti 6002. Thank you for any and all help in advance.
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There's always pros/cons when doing commercial versus DIY. Guys who want complete system optimization in a well vetted design...that's not diy. And stuff like a 5 year warranty doesn't hurt. DIY will maximize the output/dollar ratio but, usually, there's is very little re-sale value if the "upgraditis" sets in. And 90% of the "diy" price lists include a "behringer" amplifier. Those are considered (barely)entry level pro amps by any standard. Not much warranty(1 year?).

snaptube vidmate word to pdf
Check out the kits from GSG audio. Their Marty series and Devastator kits deliver serious output
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The 4cuft enclosures from PE are designed for those Ultimax 18” drivers. They are a great option specially if you have 8 to build. Just glue/clamp or glue/nail & you can slap together a box fairly quickly. Roll on some duratex or spray them then throw some insulation in them & you’ll be up & running. Keep in mind you’ll defiantly want some DSP to control the FR of them to get optimal performance.

Since you are planning on running so many drivers have you considered 4x dual opposed!?

In that case however you would want each enclosure to be 8cuft. There are benefits with force cancellation & output, as the dual drivers being co-located increase perceived output due to coupling.

Are you wanting the drivers in 8 different locations in the room or were you planning to co-locate some of them?
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