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A big hello from Utah

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Greetings from Harrisville, Utah.
My name is Dennis and although a have alwyas enjoyed good music, I could not, will not refer to myself as anything other than a consumer. Well, OK, I do like to build stuff myself which is way I'm here. I bought a fixer upper a couple of years ago gutted the basement and it looks like the last half with become a mutli-media room or maybe even a dedicated HT :spend:. Anyway, I'm here to learn and become edumacated :hail: . I'm looking forward to postings and interaction.

A hugh thank you in advance.
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Hi Dennis and welcome to the Shack!

You came to the right place... look forward to seeing you around... :T
Welcome, Dennis. Glad to have you here.
Hey Dennis,... Welcome to the Shack. Now there are two of us from Utah :bigsmile:
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