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Hi all
ive have a silly problem in the past month i have bought the following
benq w2700 projector
Lg ubk90 Bluray
onkyo txnr696
i already have a ue65nu7100 samsung tv
and the sky q box
ok so they are all in the same room
the trouble is if i switch the av receiver to sub (projector) and select sky it works fine apart from everytime i push a button on the sky remote it turns the tv on so then i turn the tv off and the av goes off too (a stupid problem to have)
ok now the other issue i have is the bluray remote is the same it turns the tv on and also i really struggled to get it to play on the projector i had to put the av on both main(tv) and sub(projector) out at the same time the picture only came on the projector after the bluray said it cant send to the tv (because its not 3d tv) and it was a 3d disc i was playing the i turned the tv off it the picture cam on the projector (and was amazing) how ever thats the last time have got anything to work from the bluray to projector its fine to the tv
i really feel this is a simple fix
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