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This is not an ad. I have used a couple of these donationware products from VB Audio, their Virtual Cables, with great success. They are highly configurable (some config changes require a reboot) and very handy.

Today I was looking at some of their other donationware products (you choose the donation amount, no minimum requirement), thought they might be of interest to some HTS users:
  • VB Cable: Allows virtual connection between an audio output on one Windows audio device and an audio input on another Windows audio device, very handy. It allows the sample rate of its input to be different form the sample rate of its output, auto-resampling is done by the Virtual Cable device. I have used it a lot, it is very reliable. It is very configurable, although some config changes require a reboot.
  • Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge: A bit-perfect version of the Virtual Cable, with up to 24/384 support, no resampling. Works with their ASIO Bridge, which allows connect to any ASIO input/output.
  • VoiceMeeter Virtual Audio Mixer: Replaces the standard Windows mixer, 8-channel support, virtual recording/playback device, virtual I/O and routing.
  • Banana: A step up from VoiceMeeter, including native Parametric EQ!!

I have not tried out the other products yet, plan to once I get a couple of other hot projects out of the way, and will report my impressions.

Edit: Oops, Here is the link.
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