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A few questions from a newbie.

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Glad to introduce myself. Bill, a part time musician and Toshiba copier tech.

I am about to purchase a new AV receiver after many years with a Technics 5.1 {with Burr Browns} Processor and seperate amp. I am happy with its sonics but frustrated with the lip sync delay with my Optimum Online Atlantic Scientific cable box.{Supposedly a common issue} Through my 1 year old 56" {87 series Samsung DLP , HDMI vrs. 1.2} blue-ray is fine {using digital cables} but the sync delay on hid-ef concerts on Rave network, is driving me crazy.
So I need a new processor or AV receiver. My seperate music room has all vac-tube components but the system in my living room is dedicated to surround/ and movies.
I would love to purchase something in the under $1000 range that incorporates HDMI and lip sync delay function.
I am also concerned about the diffirent video up conversions and artifacts.
I have been doing a lot of reading for the last 6 months and don't want to buy something that will be a bad choice as the new models come out in a few months. {Yeah I know I am asking a lot !:yikes:}
I noticed this receiver which is way under budget and the reviewers give it 1080 pass though and upscaling flying colors. Plus it appears to have some power.
Pioneer VSX-1018AH
I see that the Elites/ Denons/ Onkyos have a better "rep" but I am wondering if this is a true "sleeper" for the $$$'s ?
I would love to have HDMI switching, access the latest Audio processing {True/ DTS/ etc} but am most concerned that I can set the Cable box audio delay processing to not annoy me. I can't seem to see if this product will retain seperate lip sync delays for the Blue-ray and the "offending Cable box.

I know I rattled off a lot but would apreciate some of you advice.:wave:
and Happy New Years !!

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Welcome to the Forum, Bill!

Not sure I get exactly what's going on here. It sounds like your cable service is the problem, since you say you have no lip sync issues with your blue ray player (if I understood correctly).

Rather than drop $1000 to fix "their" problem, especially since you're happy with your current set up, why not just get Dish or Direct TV?

I think is because I am using digital out from the cable box {audio only processing} and running the HDMI for video use only straight to tv. I have read of this issue and experiience it {doesn't bother my family, but for me the slight delay on snare drum hits using the Set box is a "no-no"} I thought that was the reason for all the new auto lip sync function on the latest receviers and processors ?
My receiver is non HDMI so I have to use digital cables for "5.1 audio" using the Cable STB.
I am now starting to wonder if I use the digital audio out from the TV instead of the cable STB if I will not get the diffirence in AV processing sync ?
This all gets me back to the point that a new processor would elevate my system to the new audio codecs and eliminate the delay ?
Lip sync delay is an issue with many sat. and cable box receivers this is particularly noticeable with some older plasma and LCD displays for some reason, why this does not affect other inputs is beyond me but it happens.
The Onkyo TX SR805 is a great receiver and also falls well below your $1000 budget.
Most sub $1000 receivers do a great job of passing through 1080p you would need to spend a bit more to get a receiver that does really good upconversion. The 805 bang for buck is your best option in my opinion. The TX SR876 is another better option but your at the very top of your budget. It has the HQV Reon chip and is regarded as the best available.
Check your TV (unless you are just looking for an excuse to buy a new receiver ;)), I know mine can adjust the lip sync delay... and it can vary by input (so wouldn't need to adjust for your DVD player)
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