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I'm new here but I just thought I would share a home theater I built in my previous home. It started as an empty room and I did research on soundproofing, designed the space, came up with a soundproofing plan, did the framing, soundproofing, electrical. I had someone else do the drywall, paint, and carpet. I built the riser, and the RTA cabinets. I really loved it and was pretty sad when we moved to our new house. I took photos of the build process which can be viewed here: theater album

Anyway, some specs
  • 110" screen
  • 18 feet deep, 13 feet wide at the chairs
  • Polk RTA7 speakers, CTA6 center, FX 6 surrounds
  • Motorized leather recliners
  • Sound isolated
    • Double 3/8 drywall with green glue
    • Combination of isolated framing and resilient channel for room isolation
    • Isolated ventilation using a dead vent and fan
  • Insteon based lighting system to have different scenes for movies, etc with separate lighting over the seat

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