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Computer system:
front centers and rears are self built with dual 6.5" Audax m/b's and apt super tweeters with l-pad. Just running 5.1 for now
I am running Denon AVR-3801 and running crest audio CD-2000 for the bass to a 15" Crystal mobile sound CMPX2-15 in 5.5ft^3 tuned to 33hz and a CSS SDX 15 in a 8.4 ft^3 enclosure tuned to 19 hz. This setup changes often though, esp the subs.

Bedroom system:
Center I built using a pair of B&C 6.5" mids and a Apt super tweeter. Fronts are Tannoy. Surrounds and surround back are Polk towers with 6.5" m/b's.
Subs are 1 18" eD 190v.2 18" in 7ft^3 tuned to 25 hz, and 2 12" Cerwin Vega 12" sharing 5ft^3 tuned to 30 hz.
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