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TV - Philips Magnavox 50P8341

TV was given to my Fire Department due to its age and the cloudy, brown, poor quality picture. I was recruited as the computer and electronics guy around the department to see what I could do with it.

Not having been a stranger to these projection sets and the notorious Phillips coolant problem, I took on the task.

Coolant replaced RGB. CRT's never removed. TV was laid down one way to drain the Red and Green then flipped to drain the Blue. A 60cc syringe and tubing was used to pull the fluid. This fashion was repeated to replace the coolant. Not one drop of coolant ever touched any PCB or even leaked for that matter. So we can eliminate that out of troubleshooting.

The TV actually worked great and was on for about an hour afterwards while I focused the projectors and messed with the convergence. It was also left on for another hour before I left with no problem. The picture had a showroom quality and I was the Fire Department Hero.... That is until I get a call the following morning telling me the TV powers on, but has no picture.

The TV does power up, no flashing codes on the power button, It has a blank Screen, CRT's are not projecting anything (not even menus or volume bar). They are essentially off. TV has no sound either. Now the weird part... When you power off the tv, for a brief moment before it shuts down; you get a picture. Only lasts about 1/2 of a second then the tv shuts off. There is no sound with this picture either.

TV opened back up... No Fluid leaking (Whew!), Nothing out of the ordinary. No open resisters that I can see.

So... I'm looking for anyone who can lift me back up to hero status at the fire department again. Also... I feel like there's a blanket party waiting for me in the wings due to the $30 wasted for the CRT coolant. LOLOL.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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