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Power Diameter Impedence
1000 watts 24" - 60.96 cms 8 ohms

Heavy duty 24" cast aluminium frame with extra wide flange for increased rigidity

6” copper voice coil assembly

220 oz. ceramic magnet

Power compression only 2dB at rated power *1

Distortion *2 2nd Harmonic <1%

3rd Harmonic <1%

Advanced magnetic assembly incorporating a composite alloy and steel pole piece giving a uniform and stable magnetic field, improving linear excursion and providing an efficient thermal path to dissipate the heat produced by the voice coil.

A B/L in excess of 32.5 T/m for fast accurate lows

Exemplary electro-acoustic performance and long term reliability in all types of professional applications

Double suspension system maintaining a pure piston action for the moving mass even when driven with the most complex programme input signals and provides additional durability against the rigours of life on the road


Designed specifically to provide powerful sub bass frequencies with minimal distortion and power compression. The PD.2450 offers a fast responsive sound and is an outstanding drive unit, suitable for sound reinforcement in a variety of enclosure types since it allows designers considerably more freedom with enclosure design and specialised loading techniques without having to allow for physical characteristics or power handling limitations which are typically the result of more traditional designs.

Perfectly at home in new or refurbished horn loaded sub bass systems this unit also delivers powerful lows in reflex designs, such as home theatre and house of worship applications.

*1 Power compression is the reduction of sensitivity at the specified power. Higher power ratings do not necessarily give a proportionate increase in SPL therefore the maximum SPL of the PD.2450 may significantly exceed that of other manufacturers with high published power ratings.
*2 Distortion is measured at 10% of the rated power (AES Standard).

PD2450 Technical Information

Nominal Diameter 61 cm (24")
Power rating 1000 Watts
Frequency range 30 to 1 kHz
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity (1 W 1 M) 99 dB
Resonance 25 Hz
Enc. Vol. Recommended 130 to 400 Litres
Displacement limit 36 mm (1.42”)
Voice coil diameter 152 mm (6.0”)
Voice coil Copper
Voice coil winding depth 30 mm (1.18”)
Suspension (Spider) Dual Fabric
Magnet gap depth 15 mm (0.59”)
Magnet material/mass Ceramic/6.12 Kg (220 oz.)
Magnetic assembly total mass 27.2 Kg (60.11 Lbs.)
Flux Density 11,000 Gauss
Cone type/material Paper synthetic reinforced
Surround Fabric
Dust dome Paper
Connectors Spring loaded push button metal bodied
Polarity Positive Voltage on Red Terminal gives forward cone motion

Thiele-Small Parameters

Fs 30.477 Hz
L1 1.917 mH
Revc 5.58 Ohms
L2 3.733 mH
Res 110.05 Ohms
RMSE-load 2.223 Ohms
Qts 0.33
RMSE-free 1.26 Ohms
Qms 6.890
Vas 565.373 Litres
Qes 0.35
Mms 342.347 grams
Sd 2248.01 sq cm
Cms 79.333 µM/N
R2 11.373 Ohms
BL 32.357 T/m

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I would think these things would probably be way to expensive but surely someone here would make use of them.

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WOW, the Mal-X is one awesome woofer. Will be interesting to see how well Kevin's 21 inch will compare to the PD2450. :bigsmile:

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