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Long-time lurker here... :)

Started working on finishing my basement last December (with a media room, of course..:)), and have spent quite a long time on this forum, reading and learning about painting a screen.

Created an account today just so I can thank all you guys here who have put in so much time and effort. I understand you guys do this just for the love of it, without expecting anything in return, and I really appreciate your willingness to share information so freely.

Should any of you plan to visit Northern Colorado anytime, I sure hope you'd send me a PM... so at least I can buy you a beer (or six, lol) to show you my appreciation.

- Ravi

PS : And no, the basement is not finished yet... :). As a weekend warrior going all alone, things progress slowly. But at least now, the end is in sight. I was hoping to paint the screen using Black Widow, but unfortunately that got canned with Createx changing the formula for AAAF. I still got the new AAAF, and plan to mix it with Glidden Veil as recommended elsewhere in the forum. The PJ (Epson 8700 UB) has plenty of lumens to not need a reflective agent like the AAAF, but I plan on a screen approx 140" (throw distance about 15 ft), and would prefer to run in the eco-mode
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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