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A5s-800P with EHQS 8's (Prototype)

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Hey all so this is a Sub that I was working on to improve the high bass presence in my setup.

Drivers: 4 EHQS8 8" drivers
Amplifier: BASH 300s
Configuration: Sealed
Dimensions: 48" H x 13.5" W x 16"D
Material. .75" MDF
Misc.: Stuffed with 4 lbs of polyfill
This should put tuning around 30Hz.

The reason for the name is because it closely resembles a design done by Elemental Designs and they were kind enough to let me use the name for it on my thread there. So Thank you Guys at Elemental Designs. This sub performs pretty good for music and can hold it's own and has great presence

This is what it looks like.

Fabricated and ready to go:

Dry fitted drivers:

Finished and painted. Used Rattle can for this:

Completed and in place:

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