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1st impressions (glue barely dried up, lol)!

Transformers beginning/base attack:
Right after voice in the movie beginning says '..but we we're already too late!" and helicopter shows up --> :hsd:! :devil: Really really nice semi-deep and floor shaking bass which I could not achieve with Creative Sound Solutions SD12 @ 120 liter box @ 18Hz tuning. Bass with this closed shiva box is really tight and fast. Continuing to base attack impressions we're pretty much the same. Bass sounds deep and controlled and truly shakes the room.

Transformers base attack survivors battle this scorpion type robot in the desert:
All the missiles fired by the decepticon transformer really makes the impact feel real. My ears were little numb because bass levels climbed as high as 109dB (+/- 3dB), but still Shivas we're completely in controll of the bass. I was impressed how controlled and detailed the bass was.

105 sabot rounds and the THUDS on the ground made Shivas work about 1cm P-P excursion which is even more impressive considering SPL was way over 100dB there. Those thuds must be at 30-40Hz range.

These drivers are beasts even in very small cabinet like mine! :unbelievable:

Next up is doing some measurements and maybe finally getting that BFD or anti-mode. I know there are few mountains in the Frequency Response without measuring it with REW! :R
Awesome job. I love the overall finish!

Keep us up to date with final measurements.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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