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A few questions:
1- Using Pink noise VS frequency sweep as a test signal: Do your expect different response from the loudspeaker? Why?
I wouldn't expect significant differences. They're both legitimate methods for looking at the response, so if interpreted correctly, the same conclusions should be reached.
2- How to interpret the (very nice) waterfall ?
Hard to say without seeing it. It helps you pick out peaks due to modes(extended decay times) from peaks due to other effects.
Is it only useful for RT-60?
I think the RT60 tab is more useful for that.
3- Is it possible to use REW with Pink noise test signal ? Any advantages to do so?
Sure. Go to spectrum or RTA mode. Best advantage is you can see changes in real time, rather than making time consuming sweeps in between.
4- Is it possible to analyse already recorded .wav files, as wity Audacity?
5- I did everything with the Edirol audio capture set at 44.1 kHz. Is that right?
If that's what it can handle, that's what to set REW to.

Don't be shy about reading the help files :T
You can get answers much faster!:bigsmile:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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