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About to go into sub surgery.

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Thought I would start a thread about my sub's upcoming surgery. I ordered two 15" pr's from DIY Cable so they will show up middle of next week. The sealed 12" TC2K in the 3.1 ft cabinet is not cutting it for me anymore. Dunno, maybe it's the ep 2500 slowly beating it into submission?
Here is the cabinet that is about 12 years old:

It is really over built, weighs about 150 lbs. A 3/4" vault of MDF with a double front baffle, to complete internal braces, and wrapped in 3/4" oak plywood. Not looking forward to cutting it open!
It is powered by the ep 2500 and eq'd with a bassis lt.
The plan is to cut it open, clear out some of the bracing, (and a few big handful's of stuffing!)and add a pair of these:

To come up with this:

As it is modeled, you can see much more thump down low, where it will be appreciated since it is mostly HT use. I will probably dump the Bassis and just use a clean box I have lying around. I'll keep the bassis and build a sealed maelstrom if things don't go well!
Anyway, this sub lives in a corner of my modest HT, and the footprint is close to max WAF. It is bounded by a wall on PR, and a tower speaker on the other PR. I can keep about 5" around the three sides. The room itself is an acoustical nightmare, but ya gots to work with what ya gots.

That cabinet has already gone through 2 NHT 1259's before it got the TC upgrade.

Really, hoping this works. :bigsmile:
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We'll wait for an update on the surgery and the promp recovery of the lost bass :bigsmile: . :T
Definitely an interesting project. Modeling shows a large gain in the low end. Looking forward to your impressions after you're done!
Well, I screwed up, big time.

I don't know what I was thinking, but once I got the PR's here, I quickly realized only one will fit (on the back). I think it models about the same with half the weight on it.

Does this sound right to you sub wizards?
Post your WinISD file for the sub and we'll figure something out. (my file is at work)
Is there any way that both PR's will fit one on each of the sides of the cab? Perhaps close to the top, or bottom back corner?
Made a new file.

Orange is with one PR, 800 grams added, tuning is 18.6 hz. You are limited to 350 watts input power as that will cause the PR to reach its maximum excursion. It's still an 11 db gain at 20 hz compared to sealed.

Text Oscilloscope Line Slope Plot
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Hmmm. Maybe send them both back as a down payment on a Mal x then. What a dumb mess I made for myself.
I can not believe how idiotic I was in the approach to this.

Just for giggles, do you have a mal x curve there to impose over the top? I really think the mal x is in my future, in the "easy button" cube.

BTW, Many kudos to you for making those graphs. Mine don't look anything like that!

Kevin, over at diy cable has been very nice about my stupidity, a great resource...

So, anyone in upstate NY want a cabinet?
Yes, I can add a Maelstrom-X curve to the graph. What is the net volume and tuning of the "easy button" cube?
It is a 24" cube, with 6 cubes internal, sealed.

I already have the bassis, ep2500, supposedly a match made in sub heaven.
Yellow - 12" TC-2000 in 3.1 cu.ft., 650 watts input power, Xmax reached at 20 hz.
Pink - Maelstrom in 6 cu.ft. sealed, 1500 watts input power, Xmax reached at 8 hz.

Text Line Slope Parallel Pattern
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Mike, you ROCK! I really appreciate the kindness you (and many others on this and other forums) show in helping anonymous people with this hobby.
Anyway, 15 minutes after I type this, the passives will be fedex'd back. And I will be calling Kevin for a maelstrom. Should have just done that from the beginning!
Add in the bassis to the curve and it gets even better. I could not imagine wanting more performance; however I thought that when I was putting the tc12 into that cabinet!:unbelievable:

So, I guess I will have to start a new thread on the birth of the new one.
So, I guess I will have to start a new thread on the birth of the new one.
Yes, you do, with lots of build pics!
So I would no longer have to employ the 20 hz filter, correct?

I have left it on the tc sub, because as you can see in the pictures, it is starting to bend the cone a bit when it got left off. Not sure which movie, but it once in while, it made some bad noises. The expensive kind of bad... Sounds fine now, and I keep the 20 hz filter on.

Since there has to be very little in dvds that low, it would be safe to just watch a movie at normal to moderate volumes, and have head room galore? (My ultimate goal)
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Ouch!:rubeyes: That is one beat up TC. I think that you will be fine without a filter on the Mal X since it takes twice the power to get there, it will be much louder and it doesn't get into trouble even then until below 10hz.
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