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Hi guys,

I'm a newbie when it comes to treating the acoustics in a workspace to be suitable for a studio that I am building. I tooks some measurements with Room EQ Wizard but I wouldn't really know everything that would need to be addressed in the Waterfall graph and what depth that I would need to build the bass traps to compensate for the peaks. Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated! The workspace is split into two rooms, the performance space and the control room. I wasn't sure whether to take the reading in the control room from a seated ear height position (as that is the height that I would be working from) or to take it at standing ear height (like I did with the performance room), so I took both for the Control Room.

1. Control Room Standing Height. (Top Left)
2. Control Room Seated Height. (Bottom Left)
3. Performance Room. (Top Right)

8448af4f0b455ae7dbb1a469ca949f87.jpg 06116300b692e2021aae7246362aef7a.jpg cb4073fdeb8545874e953ce5dbfebadb.jpg

Thanks guys!
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