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Acoustic Elegance AV15-H and AV15-X

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Anybody have any experience with these drivers? How would they compare in performance with CSS SDX, Soundsplinter and Tempest subs? From some readings that I've done at Acoustic Elegance forums, it seems to me that for the money ($250), this is an exceptional driver, specially with the mid-bass response beyond 200hz, low distortion, high efficiency, great SQ, etc. Believe it or not, I'm thinking of replacing my sealed TC Sounds 3000 15" sub with one of these drivers for a sealed application. The reason being that the TC 3k is a great sub, but for 60hz and below material, it drops off a lot on the mid-bass frequencies 60hz-120hz and I'm only using a ED LT1300 plate amp which is very good but it can't push the TC 3k sub to its full potential. Being that my speakers are on the small side, the AV15 subs might cover my low and mid bass needs, specially with the power I have.
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I have experience with the SDX-15 and AE TD15h. Not the same as the AV15h or x. AE's build quality is nice and customer service is great, but the same can be said about my SDX-15's too. I have zero complaints and numerous complements for both Bob from CSS and John from AE.

Model them up in the box you want with the amp you're using to see which will work best and then decide which one you want.
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