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Activision Gets New CEO, Hopes to be Likeable Again
07/14/2010 Written by Steven Garcia

Let’s face it, Activision doesn’t exactly come straight to mind when you think of well liked publishers. And with years of bad press composed mostly of unpopular Kotick quotes and shady business practices, who could blame you? Well, the new CEO of Activision Publishing sure can’t and for the most part understands where most of the gaming community is coming from.

Speaking to Kotaku, Eric Hirshberg sort of indirectly recognized the notion that, despite their many accomplishments, Activision certainly has dropped the ball somewhere.
“I only have my perceptions as a outsider to go on. I think that Activision, based on the number of great gaming experiences they have delivered, should be a more beloved brand than you would think they are by reading the core-gaming blogosphere.”
As the new CEO of one of Activision Blizzards newly created subsidiaries, Hirshberg plans to balance out the universe and make things right with the world, which shouldn’t be too difficult given the dudes reputation he built during his 13 years at marketing and advertising agency Deutsch LA. During that time, Hirshberg worked on many high profile projects, most notably Sony’s “It Only Does Everything Campaign”, and rose up through the ranks, ultimately settling as the firms CEO.

For the most part, we can’t help but agree with this guy. The appeal of their blockbuster titles routinely reflects on their earnings, yet community support lacks far behind. Still, with Kotick steadfast at the helm of AcitBlizz, it won’t be easy to convince gamers into washing the bad taste out of their mouths. Good luck, Hirsh. You’ll need it.

Source: PSLS
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