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adding butt kickers to berkline 13175

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Hi , i have 4 berklines 13175 reclines, and just got 2 butkickers lfe that i want to install to two of the recliners , any picture of instalation if the buttkickers on these recliners, thanks
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The BK-LFEs do not really fit well under the imported Berkline recliners. That is why we use advanced BK4-LFEs.

You can try to install it, but it could be quite challenging. You will need to move the transformer to a different location (it may void your warranty), and install the BK-LFE in that place. Any other place will cause the reclining mech. cross bar hit the buttkicker while reclining.
Thanks RSH, i can change them for the advance versions, any pics of the installation so i could guide my self.
Thanks for your answer
I built a riser and installed them directly to that.

email me, and I will reply with the picture.
i send you the email waiting for the reply, thanks
Sorry Dan,

I am out of the office and was on the plane most of the day.

I sent you an email just a couple of minutes ago...
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