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Does anyone know the effect of adding speakers to the same receiver as it relates to overall volume?

If I add two speakers and move from 7.1 to 9.1 it stands to reason that volume/SPL would go up. However, if it is done with the same receiver, and no additional amplifiers, I now am dividing the power more. Is it as simple as "same overall power, same volume"?

Or does the fact there are more speakers moving air relate to an overall higher volume?

Or does dividing the same power too many times result in each speaker not receiving enough power and typically would expect clipping versus louder volume?

The receiver I'm specifically using is the Onkyo TX-NR929. The speakers are 8ohm satellites by RSL (www.rslspeakers.com) -although I'm considering adding two 4ohm CG24's for three identical LCRs for two channel music, and moving the 8ohm CG4s currently at the Left & Right spots to Surround Back duties, if that makes a difference. Presently only the Center channel is the 4ohm CG24.

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