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Thanks to Mike P. for his generous offer Adire Audio Shiva 2, I have finally completed my subwoofer project. I am still unemployed but at least I have a home theater system to get away from my worries.

The design..

Downfiring sub with a 17" x 4" flared port (Parts Express).

Cabinet size, 21" cube inside dimensions, 4.6 cubic feet for thr final internal volume.

Amp, 250 [email protected] 4 ohm parts express amp (older model, #300-794)

The project has been delay for numerous reason, I wanted a built-in entertainment center but another project, replacing a non-functioning leach field, has top priority of course.

I want the design to somewhat match the craftsman style molding in our house which I build from MDF sheets. I rather proud of the crown molding which was built from scratch.

Room Interior design House Furniture Door
Molding Line Material property Ceiling Plaster

Room Furniture Property Window Interior design
Text Paper Design Material property Font

For the sub cabinet top piece, I used a 3/4" Roman Orge bit for the bottom lip. Next I used a 3/4" round over bit for the top lip. I used 3/4" MDF boards of course, very easy material for my router.

Ceiling Room Table Window Furniture
Auto part Vehicle Car Speedometer Odometer

For the legs and side trim pieces, once again I used the 3/4" Roman Orge bit. Small blocks of wood were place inside the legs which support the cabinet.

Audio equipment Subwoofer Loudspeaker Electronics Technology

The internal bracing was a bit of a mess, I just used what ever scraps I had and started to glue them in.

Wood Plywood Beam Hardwood Ceiling

For the finish, I just put on about 4 coats of primer then sanded it down. The final coats was two spray cans of gloss white.

Furniture Wood stain Room Cupboard Wood

Finally, here is the final setup, the TV is a 50" Panasonic plasma...

Room Property Furniture Technology Electronic device

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You're welcome! :T I'm glad you could make use of it. Nice cabinet work, how does the sub sound in your room?

Performance, it is awesome! The room is only 11.5'x 17' so it does rattle the room.

I love watching the kids play a video game on the PS3 with it on, they can feel the explosions now.

Total cost of my system..

Used Sony STR-DE597, 6.1, receiver, Dolby® Pro Logic® II...$80
Used Kilpsch Quintet™ II speakers $90
Shivia subwoofer, shipping $28
250 watt amp $40
Port, MDF board, paint and spikes $48

Total cost, $286. I sold around $250 worth of stuff on Craig's List, it is possible to get a nice system n a tight budget!

Playing music with a true home theater subwoofer is interesting. newer recordings such as Demon Day from the Gorillaz, the bass is overwhelming. Still sounds great if you crank down the gain.

I not that pleased with the Kilpsch speaker, it just seems to be a major hole in the mid ranges. I not a audiophile but it just seems lacking the tight upper bass range.

Thanks again Mike!
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