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Advice needed to build new 3 way active system

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I'm planning my new system. I want to build a 3 way active system (front speakers).
My current ideia is to use the ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 as the crossover. The amplifiers will be 3 A500 also from behringer (one for each channel).
The drivers configuration will be MTMWW. The tweeter is the Seas 27TBFC/G, the midwoofers Dayton RS180 and the woofers RS270. The box will be sealed because I want the most clean and "fast" sound I can achive. The midwoofers and woofers will be wired in parallel (4 ohm load on the amplifier). I would like to add a third woofer (MTMWWW), but that would have a dificult impedance for the amplifier. Why another 3rd woofer? Because of the added dinamics and lower distortion numbers at a given listening level. Any solutions?
I currently have a TC 2000 15" subwoofer in a sealed box with 110 L crossed over at 60Hz.

Please post your comment and sugestions. Keep in mind that budget is a constraint.
Thanks in advance.
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EDIT: I apologize for my response. I did not notice that you had already purchased drivers and started the project. I will leave the reply in tact for possible future references, however.

Perhaps you should consider using high grade professional audio mid-range that is specifically designed for extreme SPL and has very high sensitivity. For the woofers, please keep in mind that only the higher quality drivers have low power compression. If feasible for space, the Audio Elegance AV 15" driver has higher sensitivity than most comparable drivers and overall good power compression and motor linearity characteristics for a bargain of a price. One of these in each cabinet will be very good. Also, the drivers can play to much higher frequency than most 15" subwoofers due to this being a specific target objective when they were engineered. You could cross at 200-250hz, no problem, to blend with a high grade 6-7" pro cone driver. Just be sure to use very high levels of high grade acoustic damping in the subwoofer volume, such as Owens-Corning 703 or 705 or comparable, at very thick amounts(for example, minimum 6" on rear of cabinet and bottom of cabinet, 4" on other surfaces. This will ensure a broad band capability with minimum standing wave resonances within the large volume. Standard acosutic damping materials common for speaker use are not sufficient for this particular application.

As for the tweeter; I have no idea what kind of HF polar response properties you desire. But if the vertical limited axial response is okay with you, Fountek has a reasonably priced professional ribbon tweeter with extreme high sensitivity and broad bandwidth capability, allowing for very high SPL capabilities that you desire, but yet retaining the characteristics of SQ you desire. It's horizontal directionality is not limited; only vertical. Unless you intend to listen critically while walking around the room, this will not be a real problem for normal seated listening within an estimated 8-12" vertical window target.

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