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Advice needed to build new 3 way active system

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I'm planning my new system. I want to build a 3 way active system (front speakers).
My current ideia is to use the ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 as the crossover. The amplifiers will be 3 A500 also from behringer (one for each channel).
The drivers configuration will be MTMWW. The tweeter is the Seas 27TBFC/G, the midwoofers Dayton RS180 and the woofers RS270. The box will be sealed because I want the most clean and "fast" sound I can achive. The midwoofers and woofers will be wired in parallel (4 ohm load on the amplifier). I would like to add a third woofer (MTMWWW), but that would have a dificult impedance for the amplifier. Why another 3rd woofer? Because of the added dinamics and lower distortion numbers at a given listening level. Any solutions?
I currently have a TC 2000 15" subwoofer in a sealed box with 110 L crossed over at 60Hz.

Please post your comment and sugestions. Keep in mind that budget is a constraint.
Thanks in advance.
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I would just like to chime in and point out that there are already several 3-way designs that are very similar.

The Dayton RSTMWW uses a Seas Tweeter, Dayton RS150 for mids and RS225 for bass.
The Kahnspire uses the same mids and woofers with the Dayton Reference Tweeter.

I'm interested in building a RSTMWW myself but if I was thinking of designing something from the ground up I would probably use a "better" midrange driver like the new Zaph 5" driver, or the 4" titanium tang band or something. Or maybe even the Dayton dome mid-range like Zaph uses in the ZDT3.5
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