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Advice on an Odd Comparision Onkyo S9300 and Marantz NR1603

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I was browsing through my local AV store and found these two models as part of a clearance sale. I currently use an Onkyo HTR960 I bought a fair few years ago however I did run into an issue with it where it would take a long time to get any video feed via HDMI to be displayed if at all. After a bit of googling I found that this is a common issue due to a fault in the HDMI daughter board. I work around it by plugging my devices direct to the TV and using the TOSLINK output to the receiver but have been keeping an eye out for over a year on a replacement.
So basically I find these two models the Onkyo S9300 and the Marantz NR1603 on clearance sale and am giving it some serious thought.

Given that I already own the speakers from my previous receiver the fact that the Marantz comes without any isn't really an issue. Comparing like for like myself it seems that the Onkyo comes out on top spec wise it would also give me the option of selling my current setup on cheaply to a friend of mine. However my TV room is a lot smaller than it use to be so the (on paper) less powerful Marantz should be just as good since I cannot push either receiver that hard any way. I also really like the idea of the smaller form, more HDMI inputs and airplay from the Marantz and given the issue with my last Onkyo Im a little worried the same thing might happen again.

I'm currently waiting to hear if the Marantz is even still available so this might be moot in which case I'm debating picking up the Onkyo anyway. Basically I'm asking if both are available which would you choose given my small room size and points above?

Two receivers on clearance Onkyo HTS-9300THX and Marantz NR1603
Replace old and faulty (but still functional with a workaround) Onkyo HTR960
Small room size
Already have speakers
Marantz might not be available in which case is the HTS-9300 worth to replace my old one given the issue I experienced with my current Onkyo?
Which would you choose?

I'm not that great at AV receiver comparisons and really appreciate any advice offered

Spec Links
Onkyo - http://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=HT-S9300THX&class=Systems
Marantz - http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=avreceivers&ProductId=NR1603
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The Marantz has a better version of Audyessey other than that they are very similar. The Onkyo will have so extra processing modes due to it's THX certification but that's really not that big a deal. I would go with the Marantz.
It's a good receiver, I believe it's the equivalent to the Onkyo 609 and got great bench test results.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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