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My question to existing owners of the MC 700 is about the quad based management mode that specifies 5 hurt steps until it hits 80 and 10 Hertz steps my question is and I looked over the manual and I don't see does this also pertain to the subwoofer does it go down to 40 and 5 Hertz steps until it hits 80an does it also have the option like Onkyo to turn it off and bypass for a powered subs external crossover these are extremely important issues to me because this is a fine tuning I'm usually used to I also want to know if anyone is experienced this does the crossover have the option of both active low or high pass modes in other words can you configure your Center or your front or back soon either high or low pass and active configurations or is it only one version of the other such as low pass for every speaker or high pass or active or can you stack and mix those modes I thought I'd saw a while back on another form that there was an option to do this with this MC 700 which I'm planning on buying if I can just clarify these facts the reason I ask is I have a set of crown apps to drive all my speakers and they are the ones that have the internal crossover options which I really like primarily I use those for my subs and I had an issue with trying to use it with the Denon because the denon did not allow for bypassing the internal crossover and it only one as low as 80 hurts I'm hoping this unit This MC 700 has 5 hurt steps to 80 Hertz on all Outlets including the sub or a bypass I would like to know this if any other customers have experienced this

To put simply to any other customers that have this unit if I could run this particular configuration 70 Hertz active on the fronts an 60hz active on the center and 40 hz high-pass on the sides and Rears and a 60hz low-pass on the sub or a bypass this is my desire configuration

Current equipment Loadout is an Onkyo 717 as a preamp receiver along with four Crown xli 800 amps one for the fronts speakers the front wides the sides an rears and my twin Center speakers speakers are consisting of for the centers the Bic acoustech Platinum Series pl28 series an my fronts are the bic acoustic premium pl-89 towers and my front wides and surrounds and Rears are the dv84 twin 8-inch drivers with twin 8inch radiators I have two 15in Subs that are Audiopipe in each one is in a 3 cubic ported box i plan to eventually build 2 18.5 cubic foot box's tuned to 20 hertz but that's aways down the line at the moment I'm trying to pick out the Perfect Replacement receiver for my Onkyo 717

my max budget is 750 not including shipping
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