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So I have a media space in my basement. The problem is this area of the basement is an open floor plan and the room is about 1100 sq ft. So it's close to 9000 cu ft of space. Needless to say the SVS PB-2000 I bought isn't giving me the effect I want when watching movies. I figure by building a sub I can get a lot more output for around the same price as the PB-2000. Here is the space:

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So some ideas I have considered:
  • Place a sub under the stairs in the storage area, and open a hole in the wall next to the cabinets for the port.
  • Build a sonatube and put it next to the cabinet next to the bathroom, or in the back corner on the opposite side across from the cabinets.
  • Build something to lay on the floor in front of the screen like a console. I am not a fan of this because I have in-wall speakers and I don't want to waste floor space.
I have ordered a UMIK-1 so I can figure out placement with REW. But the most attractive idea someone has given me is to do an IB setup next to the cabinet, under the storage. So I can build a 40-50 cu ft box under the stairs and get a couple of 18" subs and an amp. This all hinges on the results of the REW analysis.

My listening preferences are pretty mild. Even when I'm watching movies, I watch at -5 to -7db. I don't need something that is going to shake the whole house rattle the windows. I've never built a sub and this is the first time I've even heard of IB setups, so I'm here for advice...any advice?
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