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Once a subscriber, always a subscriber with Dish. They will not give out a 'new customer' deal to any former subscriber. And if you have had issues with Dish in the past, they will ask for an up front fee. I was a Dish sub for 8 years. Switched to DirecTV and on a whim, called Dish to see what kind of deal they could offer me. I'm still with DirecTV. :bigsmile:

You should have run the rg6 cable yourself and saved yourself a lot of money and a lot of heartache. As for the issues with DirecTV csr's, they have a system. If you pay your bill on time, have autopay setup, subscribe to a higher tier package, etc. they tend to cut you slack at times. I'm certain it's the same with Dish. Except you have to talk to someone from India usually. :rolleyes:

So, pay your bill on time and be a good customer, and you will reap the benefits. When the switch to mpeg4 came around, DirecTV gave me 2 HD-DVR's free of charge and a new dish. Why? Cause I'm a good customer. :bigsmile:

Also, you may want to read the rules.

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That's what the 'moos' are in your post. It'd be a good idea to edit them out! ;)
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