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We would like to welcome AGI (Audio General, Inc.) as a new sponsor here at Home Theater Shack. They will be sponsoring our Projector Screens forum, but that is certainly not the limit of their product offerings.

AGI started out as a manufacturer of audio electronics, producing the AGI 511 Preamplifier in 1975. It boasted a phono preamp slew rate of 250 V/uS and sold 5000 copies worldwide. It was particularly successful in Japan where it was known as “the poor man’s Mark Levinson”.

Variations of the 511 preamp were produced over the years, but hopes of creating the next major product, an audio power amplifier, eventually faded away. Instead the company turned its attention to commercial audio/video systems integration which they still do to this day.

In 2001 AGI began placing Sanyo projectors on their website and it was so successful that they turned their focus to selling video projectors and related gear on the Web. They have expanded their product offerings and now sell most brands of projectors online. Where they differ from most other online retailers is that have a more hands on experience with both products and systems and can offer valuable advice so that your first or next system will come out a success.

AGI has a pretty extensive line of various products with some of the best prices you will find. Check out their products page. This will no doubt turn out to be a great benefit for our members here at HTS.
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