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Well, after a long hard search for the best deal on a decent set of headphones I finally settled on these AKG Q701s (same as the K701)

Ive been looking for something to use with my new Bravo Audio V3 headphone tube amp and I wanted something better than my old AKG K141s (from the late 1980s) that no longer sit on my head properly as the elastic that keeps the headband tight is no longer doing its job plus they simply dont have a nice rich sound.

Well...the sound quality of these is amazing! I cant believe the difference from my old K141s, night and day is an understatement. I have been breaking them in for about a week now playing music through them even when Im not home and they have really come alive.

The bass is super tight and clean and the imaging is something I have not heard in headphones before as Ive never used this high quality of cans before. The stated frequency response is 10Hz - 39.8kHz and I can tell you they deliver, the highs are crisp but not tiring or harsh.
Some people have complained about the ridges in the leather headband not feeling right and I can say that after a long listening session (over an hour) I do notice it but its so minor that its not an issue for me.

I wanted to get the K712 but they cost $100 more and from all reports Ive read they sound virtually the same.

In the box came a surprise, they send two different lengths of cords (green). One 10ft and a second 20ft cord. The cords are attachable using a mini XLR jack on the left ear can.

From the AKG website:
Q701s employ flat-wire voice-coil technology, our patented Varimotion multilayer diaphragm and the AKG neodymium-magnet system for sparkling high-frequency signal tracking and a distortion-free bass response. Q701s produce balanced stereo separation and precision 3-D imaging in an immersive soundscape of unequaled realism

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