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Hey guys,

I think there are more Alpine HUs that can run the PXA-H701, but here's the list I'm working off:

CDA-9887 good HU 4 volt outputs only $270 if I don't want to play DVDs...great buy

All the DVDs only have 2 volt rather than 4 volt. I know most think it doesnt matter..whatever. Price jumps double to go DVD with a screen

W200 looks fine, $500

W205 adds optical output, would I use this? $575

D105 the one I was really interested in cuz it plays DviX!! Can't find any on eBay!!

D106 $670

I don't see much option change to add all the cost to all of these. So I am deciding either 9887 if not DVD cuz its so much cheaper, W200 if the addition of optical out wont be used, but i believe I would benefit spending the extra $75 on the 205 to run optical to the H701? I can't find the DivX playing 105, and what's the point in the 106 for another $100?

I had a 9887 in my Lexus. It was a good unit that offered TONS of tuning ability. I had mine running a 2 way active front stage. I think that a 2volt unit would do fine for what you're asking it to do. Your amp will be fine with it. Most higher voltage units dont get to that type of voltage till you crank it ALL the way up. And that's if it's an unclipped voltage too.

Do you have the PXA-H701 already?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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