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my friend is after buying a q acoustics speaker package
2 q acoustics 3050 front speakers
2 q acoustics 3020 rear speakers
q acoustics 3090c centre speaker
he does not have the internet witch is why i asking for him

my question he wants the very best amp 7.2 that does atmos dts-x
that will show off what the package is capable of doing for sound quality and will drive the speakers to peform to there very best attributes as speakers and sub
and sensetivivity thanks

and he asked if you could swap out the q acoustics sub weakest part of the package with a better sub
that goes a lot lower and would enhance the q acoustics package what sub would it be in the £300 price bracket that wold work much better

also he is after a amp that will do more than 7.2 buy adding a nother amp that will allow him to add more speaker channels ie 9.2/11.2 or even 11.2.4 thanks

i no i have asked these questions many atime before but i am always looking at new equipment being realease so i like to ask whats best plus i have mental issues as well thanks

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The “very best?” Are your sure? The top-of-the-line pre-amp and amp from Yamaha will cost about $5000 U.S. Something similar from Marantz will cost $7600 U.S. And that price could be easily doubled if you get into esoteric gear. Seems like an awful lot of money to go with the speakers chosen.

Yes, I’d recommend going with a different sub. The speakers are too small in the Q Acoustics sub. You want something with at least a 10” woofer. Or, if you want the very best, 18” woofers, or maybe two of them.

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