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11320 Neeshaw Dr.
Houston, TX 77065

Sales: 281.664.1209

Email: [email protected]

Online SkypeID: amperordirect.com

For over twenty years, our main focus has been to provide quality products and service to customers. Over time, Amperor has built up a high level of expertise in providing power products for high-tech industries such as Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and Scientific Atlanta. Thus, we are at the leading edge of power related technologies. Because of this, Amperor has enjoyed dramatic growth and development. Amperor employs over 1500 associates worldwide and has sales offices located in the US, UK, Japan, PRC, ROC, and Singapore. Amperor’s US headquarters is in Houston, Texas. Amperor’s manufacturing facility is in Shenzhen, PRC and its corporate offices are located in Taipei, Taiwan. Amperor provides the specialty product, BOCS - the Ultimate TiVo DVR Upgrade. Ever wish you could watch your recorded shows anywhere in your house? BOCS is your ultimate whole home media distribution device. With the BOCS MediaHub installed at your main TV viewing location, no new wiring is required, you can watch and control your recorded shows from any TV in the house - living room, bedroom, entertainment room, kitchen, home office, exercise room, sun room� BOCS works with any source � TiVo, your Cable/satellite DVR, DVD players, iPod docks, or anything else you want distributed throughout your home. It is your ultimate TiVo DVR Upgrade!

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