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Anamorphic Projection Theaters

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This thread is for all members who have Constant Image Height projection, to show off their theatres..
I'm sure there are few out there, so lets have a look (just out of interest) at what your set up is like..

Information like..

Room size..
Screen size (as in width)
Seating distance etc..

This information will also help those who are contenplating the move to Anamorphic Projection..

A few shots showing your room and front screen, your projector and lens and just two or three screenies to cap it off would be nice..
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I can't post in this thread :sarcastic:
I might as well go first :D

Screen: I have a Curved AT 2.37:1 screen 2250mm x 949mm. The curve is adjustable to optimize for pincushion correction.

The LCR speakers are positioned in the same horizontal plain with their cabnet tops at the centre of the screen line of the screen and where the L and R are just inside the 1.78:1 area. I did this so that the sound to image match would work for all ARs and not just Scope. Also real cinemas and dubbing stages have their L/R speakers there too, so I now hear what they heard.

The screen height si currently 600mm off the floor, but I would like to raise it to at least 800mm, maybe 900mm.
Projector: BenqW5000 with CAVX Aussiemorphic Lens (yes I have prototype MKIII in testing now). The projector is 1920 x 1080 DLP and delivers a spectular image.

Source: HD DVD via a Note Book PC over HDMI.

Seating distance: 2 rows where front row is just 2x the image height. Close but this really works well with a 1080 projector. Back row is just over 3x the image height and is elevated 300mm.

Other Audio: THX 7.1 processed DD and DTS. I use 3 identical LCRs with controlled Vertical directivity and 4 Identical Surrounds (Bipole) and a pair of Subs using Peerless XLS drivers...

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Thanks Mark..

The screen height si currently 600mm off the floor, but I would like to raise it to at least 800mm, maybe 900mm.
That is quite low..although I bet you get a real sensation of being in the picture, particularly in scenes like SW2..when their flying through the valley, and you're looking through the cockpit window as the landscape is rushing towards you..and when Anakin is flying across the desert on his bike..I find that very real on my screen and mine is 750mm. off the floor!

Mark, I haven't seen your new theatre, so how about some pics?
Also some screenshots please..
I can't post in this thread :sarcastic:
I think the day is not too far off Ahmed, when you will be able to post here!..:bigsmile:
Mark, I haven't seen your new theatre, so how about some pics?
Also some screenshots please..
Hi Prof, whilst I am happy to place a link to screen shots, my cinema is too far from complete to post photos of...

I think the day is not too far off Ahmed, when you will be able to post here!..:bigsmile:
Hello, yeah I was just joking. There are some restrictions in my room that make a 2.35:1 setup a bit tricky. At least I will have to use an AT screen + change speaker pacement and subs, not to mention a video processor should be added for Full def material to be able to post here :bigsmile:

That's not impossible, but not easy at this stage....espacially when a 16:9 screen is the most versatile screen when you're watching as much 2.35:1 material as 4/3 material on satellite.

Neverheless, I would really like to see people post screenshots of their setups.... Come on guys!!!

Why not start by yourself Prof?
Yes I will be shortly..I'm just trying to get some new shots of the theatre , to try and show it in it's best light (no pun intended), but my camera won't play ball!
Well I finally managed to get the camera to produce more accurate colours in the theatre pics., so here are my theatre details..

My theatre is fairly small at just 10' 6" x 15', with 7' 6" ceilings, but it performs admirably..

The screen is 8' wide , which doesn't leave much room either side of the screen, so the LCR speakers are mounted above the screen..One of the advantages of CIH with generally lower screen heights..
The bottom of the screen is 750mm. above the floor..

The front row (the only row) seating is at 9' 6" from the screen wall..Although, when I have guests, I can get a couple of dining chairs on the raised platform behind the main seats..

The ceiling mounted projector is a Benq W100 DLP, fitted with an Aussiemorphic lens on a DIY slide..
The next upgrade will be to convert to an HD projector!..

So, this is what my theatre looks like, and a few screen shots to finish off..

Acoustic panels are behind the curtains on both side walls..

And so, on with the show..

Thanks for looking..
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Thanks Ahmed...
I like the wall to wall look with that Scope screen Prof - very cool!

Thanks Mark...Yes, it was a bit of a bonus having a narrow room, so I could have virtually a wall to wall image..
I can't believe that of all the members here at the Shack, that Mark and I are the only ones who have Anamorphic projection!!..And whe're both Aussies!! :unbelievable::bigsmile:

So c'mon you guys from the US and Canada and other Countries...Show us what you've got..:foottap:
They are afraid they can't compete with your pics :bigsmile:
:rofl: Yeah right!! :bigsmile:
I've been scope since i completed my new HTR. However, i'm still completing the equipment end (htpc) ,but i will send pic.'s soon. The below is what I have so far by way of equipment.

DIY 8' wide scope
sanyo z4 projector
prismasonic v1000 lens
black plastic hush box
sony bdp-301 blu-ray
toshiba a30 hd-dvd
panamax power conditioner
onkyo sr-605 avr
boston 7.1 speakers system
htpc running visa (party music ,family pictures and video)
two rows for seating with lighted back platform
bistro table and four chairs in the back with over head light
drop down 22" pc wide screen monitor for surfing the net and watching movies
built in microwave ,refrig. ,and candy shelf
door switch controlled lighted theater poster
built in 6' wide saltwater fish tank
light controlled phone and door bell for those people that come late to the showing
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Cool, looking forward to seeing some picks soon...

Mark :)
Good to hear someone else on here has an Anamorphic Theatre..:T

Looking forward to seeing your pics..
the one thing i love about this hobby is...it's the gift that keeps on giving.
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