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Finally with the help of Mike, Steve and others I'm starting my journey into DIY ..:praying:

I'll be building a Sonosub with a Mach5 IXL 15.2.2 ... it will be a 7cu ft enclosure tuned @ 15Hz.

I just placed my order for the driver (I don't know how long it will take to get to me), and I'll be buying the rest of the parts to prepare everything ...I'll post pictures and details as I make progress.

This is a photo I found online ...hopefully mine will look the same :hide:

View attachment untitled.bmp

EDIT: Here is the finished Sub (in case you don't want to read the whole thread :bigsmile:)

Room Cylinder

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Just an update ...

Driver is already in the US (is coming from Canada) ...hopefully will be here next week :praying:

I already got the rest of the stuff (wood, port, tube, etc.) ...and there has been small changes due to the size of the tubes :yes: ...new dimensions: 70 1/4" tall, 7.8 cu ft tuned @ 14.5Hz :whew:

Here's a couple of pictures of the materials ...cutting will start today or tomorrow ...:yay:

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive exterior

Material property Label Paper

Material property Cylinder

Line Textile Material property Room Tints and shades

Steering part Steering wheel Auto part Vehicle Automotive wheel system

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As expected, not much progress ...which is good because I'm still waiting for driver :whistling:

Drawing circles
Wood Plywood Floor Table Flooring

Bottom plate (this will hold Mach5 IXL 15.2.2)
Automotive wheel system Auto part Rim

Top plate (will hold 6" port flared)
Toilet Toilet seat

Base plate (to avoid a jumping Sonosub, space will be 5" between base and bottom plate)
Circle Sphere Wall Room Architecture

Finished port (6" x 40 1/2", please nevermind the mess :hide:)

Sonotube filled with R-13 insulation

This afternoon: I will cover the sonotube with carpet and will prime all caps ...:praying: (and watch a movie too :bigsmile:)

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Thank you :T

Here is some pictures of last night job ....

Primed caps ....
Toilet seat Toilet Circle Plumbing fixture

Painting caps
Tire Automotive tire Auto part

Installing carpet on tube (I used flooring glue)
Technology Electronic device

Installing the carpet ...

Carpet installed (I glued 3/4" - 1" inside the tube)
Nose Mouth Organ Tongue Jaw

Tube fully carpeted
Floor Room Flooring Hardwood Wood

Is looking better ...:whew:...I tracked the driver online, is already here in CA ...maybe I'll get it in a couple of days :praying:

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... I used spray on adhesive and the carpet fell off :(
I used that spray for the insulation, but because of the wax inside the tube it didn't work :wits-end:

I had some wall paper adhesive ...I removed a thin layer (where the wax was) by accident, then I decided to remove all wax from tube; then added the glue ...it worked perfectly :yes:

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Where did you get the tube from?
From this company ... White Cap , click the link to see the map ...there's some close to you :bigsmile:

Why did you decide to go 15" instead of 18" the cost difference is about $40 right? Build looks awesome so far.
Long story short ...I can only use up to a 20" tube, and to use an 18" driver I need it to use some legs on the outside to make it wider and stabilize the tube, my space is limited and after Mike's help modeling the sub (after I knew which driver I will use) he came up with this dimensions ...15" is enough, it's huge compared to my 10" subs :yes:

You looked really small standing next to it, it must be huge!
That's my son on the picture holding the carpet ...but you're right, it will be huge 71 1/2" after finished :yikes:

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Finally last night I got my sub driver :jiggy:

I haven't done much latelly, but here is a couple of pictures of the Mach5 IXL 15.2.2

Good packing: double boxed ...
Furniture Plywood Wood Yellow Architecture

Here you can see it inside the boxes
Tire Material property Technology Auto part Cardboard

Here is the top view, next to the IXL 15 is the 8" woofer used on my JBL Stadium's (just to compare)
Subwoofer Loudspeaker Car subwoofer Audio equipment Vehicle audio

Here is the side view compared to the 8" driver
Room Food Dish Cookware and bakeware Meal

Another side view
Audio equipment Room Technology Electronic device Loudspeaker

As you can see ...it's huge :yes:
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