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Another subwoofer GTG, Southern Style

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The Great Southern Sub Shootout​
Official Date Saturday April 18th, 2009

If you want to attend be sure to post in this forum thread and I'll send you a PM with location info.​

Drivers/ Subwoofers confirmed

ED 190v2 18 in a large ported cab tuned to 15hz (Brandonnash)
Shiva X 12 in a 6.5 cu ft 18hz tuned ported cab and possibly a ED A7S-450 (mjg100)
LMS 18 sealed (Ricci)
XXX 18 sealed (Ricci)
Audiopulse Epic 12" possibly X 2 (Robertcharles)
John J. from AE is likely sending something. TD18+H, AV15, or AV12 with PR's, not sure yet.
Outlaw LFM-1 (Kip)
WorxAudio Technologies TL.118SS or another nice pro sub (KyleLee)
Bic H100 (Villi)
JL 13W7 (Carl Kennedy from JL Audio)
Amplifiers confirmed

EP2500 ( Brandonnash)
CE4000 (Ricci)
Crest 8002 (Ricci)
ITECH 8000 (Robertcharles)
Receiver: HK AVR-247 (Kip)

Hey guys, After reading all about the WI sub shootout and regretting not being able to make the 10 or so hour drive up there I've did some thinking that maybe us southerners could throw something together. If there's enough interest we'll set a good date. I'm thinking a Saturday in April. Nothing concrete yet. Have been working on a straight home theater meet for a while, but interest there is lacking. Just sent out pm's to all that were interested to see if they still want to come down Murfreesboro's way.

My setup right now is nothing spectacular. ED 19Ov.2 in a ~12.5 cubic foot ported box tuned to 15 hz. Powered as of tomorrow with an EP2500. Athena bookshelves and Pioneer receiver. 55" Mitsubishi HD RPTV.

The room is a game room/media room. Roughly 22'X22' with carpet over concrete floor. For outside measurement (depending on weather) have a larger back yard that could probably be used for good raw data without room gain.

Spoke with Ricci on PM and he's more than likely up for it with some of his drivers, amps and measurement equipment when we get a date.

I'm located in Murfreesboro, TN just outside of Nashville. Good central southern location for anyone wanting to make the drive. Only ~2.5 hours from Atlanta and 40 minutes from Nashville.

I'm new to the whole "meet" thing, so any input would be appreciated. I would like to limit the amount of subs/attendees ONLY because from reading posts on Warpdrv's GTG thread it seems that there was so much woofage that it was hard to get a good feel observation of everything there.

Oh, one more thing, I'm also a big BBQ buff, so I would imagine I'll have to make some good pulled pork for the day too. I've received high praise for my Q so I'll see what I can do to get everyone fed too.

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Thats one serious pile of equipment you guys had in that room!

Ricci. I am fascinated by your comments on the TH50. Looking at Ivan's measurements it starts to roll off at 30Hz, yet, by your description, has the most impact of any of the subs tested.

Is low end extension less important than many make it out to be?
I went to the Danley site to read up on the TH50. Interesting!

So even if the TH50 was down 7-10db between 20 and 30Hz, it still had more output down low than the sealed 18s when playing program material?
Oops. I was looking at the wrong curve. Those two shades of green are so close. :rolleyesno:
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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