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Hello everyone, my brother-in-law and I finished up his sub the other week and wanted to post up what we did. For my sub we used the EZ Slot down firing build but for this we used the following front firing - http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showpost.php?p=16121066&postcount=17

By using the above template it made life quite easy. We simply walked into Home Depot, grabbed a sheet of 4x8 MDF and started marking it. They will make the first few cuts for free and the rest are about $.30 each. I don't recall exactly.

There is one issue by doing this. When they use the giant table saw to cut our guy would cut down and then cut up again. No need for double cutting...I guess it made him feel special. Because he did this there were small discrepancies in the panels but still acceptable. Sure beats using a skilsaw by hand....saves a ton of time.

We easily loaded all the pieces into the car, had some dinner and started working on the sub. We used wood glue and 2" finishing nails just as on mine.

The sub is flush mounted. We secured the two front baffles with tons of wood glue and staples. Holes were carefully cut with a standard jigsaw. Some sanding by hand was required as I didn't want to make the holes too big.

To create the holes for the bracing we simply cut a square, traced and cut with the jigsaw. Nice and easy.

We decided to paint the inside of the port before it got the bedliner treatment. As you can see, we had already caulked all joints.

Here, we are test fitting the sub and marking the mounting holes. To allow us to easily retrieve the sub after marking we tied some string on each side to help us lift the 33lb beast.

We used t-nuts and allen screws to secure the sub.

By using the HPSA500 amp this sub has made my bro-in-law rethink what he needs to keep on the wall in his "mancave". His setup consists of the following:

C - Energy RC-LCR
L/R - Energy RC-70 (2)
Surrounds - Energy CB-10 (4)
7.1 Receiver

Sounds incredible...

Thank you Kevin for a great sub :T


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Looks real nice, another good build!

A question for you...

I looked at the template you used to build and tried to model it in winISD.

Using a 6.35 ft^3 volume with a 1"X21"X19" port shows a air velocity of 30+ m/s

Do you hear any chuffing in the port when using the sub?

It is quite possible I am simply modeling it wrong, but I wanted to see what you heard before I move forward with a build similar to this

Thanks !
Hi bigdisu1,

In response to your chuffing question allow me to post the reply from my brother-in-law;
"I don't hear any chuffing at all...only huffing and puffing, when the big bad wolf tries to blow my walls down."

I hope this helps.
Have fun.

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