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Any thoughts on the Premier Acoustic PA-120?

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I'm leaning this way on PA-120 as it fits my budget and after looking around a bit. It seems to be getting decent reviews.

Anyways....just wondering if a fellow Shackster has this sub and wouldn't mind tossing out their opinion.

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Bear in mind I haven't a point of reference as I've never owned a sub before. However if you like clean sounding rumbles and explosion that sound just like they do at the theater. I don't think any non-audiophile/1st time HT owner will be disappointed.

I'm just like you bro, this is in fact my first real non htib home theater system I'm getting so I'm all paranoid and I don't want buyer's remorse...so I'm just trying to do all the research I can get and get all the advice I can get before buying it. Technically any sub would probably be awe for me since I've never had a good one before...so yea I'll check into this one and add it to my list.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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