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Any thoughts on the Premier Acoustic PA-120?

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I'm leaning this way on PA-120 as it fits my budget and after looking around a bit. It seems to be getting decent reviews.

Anyways....just wondering if a fellow Shackster has this sub and wouldn't mind tossing out their opinion.

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I have this sub, I picked it up for my living room setup as I already have two diy subs for my HT. I will say for the money it isn't bad at all. I hooked it up to my sms-1 to get a reading and the specs they give you are correct. It goes down to 25hz before dropping off significantly. I put in WOTW and I thought the little guy was going to blow up but it actually held it's own so I think that if that is your budget and you don't want to go the diy route then it should be good enough for you until the time comes when you can make a change to something better. That does only apply if you don't have an enormous room, but for a small to medium size room it should do. Also if you go to www.live.com and sign up you can then search the pa-120 and it will give you 10% or more off the price. The money goes into your paypal account for use on anything you buy later, not too shabby. Good luck and I hope this helped.:wave:
Glad you like it. You should check out War of the worlds,U571,The Matrix, or Transformers. Good luck....:T
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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