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Any tips for processing a voice to sound like a nice quality radio voice?

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So I'm recording a guy on and MXL 990 condenser mic and getting a quality recording. How should I process this to sound like a nice big rich clear "radio" voice sound?
Currently signal chain:
  1. Gate - fast attack, slow release, to cut between phrases and breaths.
  2. EQ - HP around 120Hz, cut about 2 dB around 500Hz (a bit of mud there), Boosting 4.5kHz and 10 kHz a couple db each
  3. Compression - about 6db's of gain reduction at 3:1 ratio with fast attack slow release.
Any tips are appreciated. Using Pro Tools 10. Waves plug-ins.
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It would be best to post your question at a forum catering to professional audio users. Gearslutz is a popular one.

Instead of a high pass filter give yourself a 4-6db dip at like 400-ish to add to the other lower midrange cut. You're taking the balls out of your track. If there's no other bass tones interfering, then you don't NEED to use a hi pass filter. Also try straight 9Apps Showbox up coping that compressor and pasting it again after with the same settings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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