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Any updates on the Gizmos from AV123?

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Just wondering if anyone had any updates on when the Gizmos bought in the package from AV123 might be shpping?

I am looking forward to getting my hands on mine. It's replacing an origional Sonic T-amp in my office.

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Just wanted to update you guys... My Gizmo shipped from AV123 on Thursday. (12th)

Eli - Let us know how things work out.

Doug Goldberg just sent to me Gizmo V1.1 and Dac Man's final prototype to test out.

With AV123's problems, and knowing our units are being modded in Colorado, I am pretty much leaving them alone until after AV123 gets the forum back up, and things are at least somewhat back to normal.

After that, I am going to get the remaining (and hopefully modded) V1.0's sent to Erie.

V1.1 and Dac Man are actually looking like a "go" - the back and forth between Stephen and Doug has been encouraging.
I am interest doing a Dac Man comparison with the Lite Audio DAC-60, stock and Sonic Craft Level 1+ moded units. The moded unit is here and the stock DAC-60 unit will be here Monday.

Also have stock and moded P-T P-3A's for comparisons. I guess I do have a few DAC's around the audio room. :)
Thanks for the update Craig. I haven't been bothering MLS and team lately either. I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that it looks like some are starting to ship.

Have a good weekend,

Yeah, mine shipped on Thrusday as well. Must have finally gotten around to it.
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