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revive an old thread...

I just did a pair of Zaph's B3S monitors - but used the mildly prohibited B3N's instead with Zaph's same filter network as the back order wait times were too long on the B3S's . (I used a 7Ω resistor at the R2 location because "it was available").
I did a pair of qwik/dirty cabinets with one 10' length of 6" x 1" spruce board... I am impressed with their sound, but noticed they are definitely power hungry with the 7Ω BSC resistor. I selected 120 hz as my crossover with my receiver (the next available selection wasn't 150 hz in my case, but rather 200 Hz... Too high, so I went with 120 Hz)., so subwoofer localization certainly became an issue, but since my sub uses a pair of 15" Soundsplinter drivers with a 1200 watt amp in a 300 pound enclosure, I wasn't about to try tweaking the placement relationship. My inductors' values were confirmed with a Z meter by Sencore, one of the the 0.8mH units measured at 1.0mH evem, the second measured at 0.82mH, and each of the .08mH units were ordered as 0.10mh and devalued by a couple/few turns to bring them into spec as well. (unwinding inductors gives you really ugly spaghetti which can't be wound back up to achieve the initial value again).

They are definitely not as sensitive as my Paradigm Mini-Montors, but I like them enough to keep them, and build 4 more to add to them for HT duty in the living room.

Total assembled cost in my case was about 25 dollars per speaker including drivers, filter components, shipping and materials. The cabs aren't stained , just sanded. I intend to do 6 vertical trans-lam cabs made from 3/4 mdf at approx 5.5" wide x 10" tall x 8" deep.
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