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Anyone know how to test a SDR-U and SDR-D board with a multimeter?

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I am checking the SDR Logic and Ysus board on my P50V701 Hitatchi. I replaced the capacitors that were puffy. Still nothing on my television, however, the blue flashing LED do not flash at all. It's a solid blue but than switches over to a solid standby mode.

I bought a 7 Function CEN-TECH Digital Multimeter for $5 at Harbor Freight and can't figure out how to test the SMD from Jason 1976 post on page 4 on how to test the SMD with a multimeter. I can't figure out where to switch the dial on my multimeter to test the SMD. It has DCV, ACV DCA,10A, hFE, ohms setting on it. Any help?

Does the positive have to be on oneside and the negative on the other? If so, on what side?
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As I have said before, it depends on the component under test. If it is a SMD capacitor, it likely does not matter and the meter should be on an ohms scale. If testing diodes or transistors you probably want the diode check and you should in most cases see a difference in reading depending on polarity. You may still see differences when measuring a cap, depending on the circuit and the cap. Resistance readings are not really appropriate for a cap, but they can be useful to identify a short or open. It just depends on the circuit and the devices.
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