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Anyone used the Vibe Black death?

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Just noticed this in a UK site,

Vibe Black Death 15" subwoofer,

* Type: Competition SPL Subwoofer
* Size: 15" (392mm)
* RMS Power: 2500W
* Peak Power: 7500W
* Sensitivity: 94.3dB
* Frequency Response: 15Hz - 850Hz
* Mounting Depth: 212mm
* Mounting Diameter: 350mm
* Xmax: 27mm
* Voice Coil: 3" aluminium, 4 layer
* Magnet Weight: 270oz (7.6kg)

Anyone here heard or used one in a home theater sub, anyone have all the specifications?
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First I have heard of it, but that doesn't mean much. :sarcastic:

Have you checked with any of the UK audio forums to see if they are using it?

2500 watts with a sensitivity of 94db... it ought to scream so loud your ears burst. :yikes:
Found the specs,

Revc= 7.200 Ohm
Fo= 45.308 Hz
Sd= 85.000 M

Vas= 62.937 m
Cms= 61.345 u M/N
Krm= 3.558 u Ohm
Kxm= 11.605 m H
Erm= 0.716
Exm= 0.597
Mmd= 227.732 mKg
Mms= 241.981 g
BL= 33.802 TM
Qms= 2.448
Qes= 0.496
Qts= 0.441
Levc= 1.084 %
SPLo= 92.368 dB

What do you think could be done with this?

There is also a Carbon cone version.

Got it from http://www.vibeaudio.co.uk/support/subwoofers.php

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Meh. It's an SPL woofer and probably has an 8 layer coil with a wicked inductance hump (bad for SQ). The 94db sens figure is probably smoke, but it's hard to tell since there is so little info presented. A bad sign though.

You posted while I was posting...

The FS is 45hz...

I'm confused as to why you are looking at an SPL woofer? I thought you were going to use a 500w plate amp? You wouldn't have the power to really use something like this. A pair of pro audio 18's like Omega Pro's or Kilomax's will be better in every conceivable way than this especially off of 500w.
Hi Ricci,

No I am not buying it :laugh: I am just being curious, I saw it while nosing through the internet, noticed 15hz and wondered?

At the moment I am still undecided, been looking at Behringer EP-4000 amps on eBay.
While searching YouTube for videos of Vibe drivers I came across this one. You gotta see it. I Love the port or lack there of..

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